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Pubcast 101


Q: What is a Pubcast?

A: Four IGN editors drinking beer and talking about games/movies/anything for two hours every fortnight

Q: Where can I see it?

A: You can’t. It’s an audio podcast only, so look it up on iTunes or your podcast delivery medium of choice

Q: Okay, so who’s in it?

A: The current roster is the entire IGN AU editorial team – Cam Shea, Luke Reilly, Lucy O’Brien and Tristan Ogilvie

Q: Do you ever have special guests? Like, game developers?

A: Sure do. Those are separate, shorter episodes and are called a Pubcast Happy Hour. We occasionally have Pubcast alumni back on the show too. #bringbackbaker #allthatglitters

Q: Can I contribute to it?

A: Yes! Send us questions that we can (kind of sort of maybe) answer on the show!




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