Taste Test

About the TASTE TEST

Taste Test events are a little smaller in scale than our signature Black Betas, but the philosophy is much the same – invite 100+ passionate gamers to come and go hands-on with a highly anticipated game before release. There’s food, drinks and the opportunity to tell the wider world what you thought of the game!

Check out some of our most recent Taste Tests below.

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//May 10, 2017
//Warner Brothers

A bunch of lucky readers got all costumed up to try Injustice 2 at IGN AU headquarters ahead of release. Here’s what they thought!


//October 12, 2016

Some of IGN’s most passionate fans got the chance to go hands-on with Steep at our Sydney HQ recently. Here’s what they thought.


//January 12, 2016

What a way to ring in the New Year! Our Primal Taste Test saw us immersed in a Palaeolithic world of hunting, gathering and commanding animals to do our bidding.



//September 28, 2015

Victorian-era London was the destination for this event, with gamers running down dirty cobbled streets, leaping between rooftops and battling the gangs vying for control of the city.


//September 15, 2015

Hosted at Ubisoft’s offices, this smaller scale Taste Test was all about giving our audience a proper multiplayer hands on – to see what’s possible working as a counter-terrorist team.